The Italian Kitchen, bringin Italy to Canada

Are you living in Vernon, British Columbia and is itching to get authentic Italian food? Then ride your car and visit The Italian Kitchen which is located at 2916 30th Avenue, Vernon, British Columbia and for sure you will definitely enjoy and at the same time satisfy your cravings.


According to restaurant reviews in Vernon, The Italian Kitchen is the best restaurant that offers authentic Italian food in this city. They have been in business since 1995 and is continuously serving scrumptious and delectable meals for their patrons. They ensure the use of the freshest ingredients in order to give the best quality of food possible for all of their clients who are continuously patronizing their restaurant and at the same time lure more new customers. This restaurant has brought Italy in the little city of Vernon. From the ambiance and interior design of the restaurant to the meals they offer. Wine is also serve for those who greatly love this drink.


The restaurant offer a simple menu consists of all the popular dishes the Italy has to offer. Everything is freshly made to ensure quality meals. They have lunch features that offer salads- Mesculin Greens with crispy prosuitto, pecans, tomatoes & balsamic vinaigrette, a 4oz. grilled top sirloin on mixed greens with cheddar and French dressing, pasta amatriciana and sliced chicken parmigiana sandwich. One can choose any 2 for a very affordable price of $11.95.  For antipasto or appetizers they have zuppa minestrone, bruschetta, artichoke hearts, mussels, calamari, steamed clams, seafood antipasto (good for two) and baked garlic. Insalata or salads are also served which are Caesar salad, spinach salad, tomato bocconcini salad, warm seafood salad and tomato artichoke. They also have 11 different kinds of pastas that are as follows, chicken & Italian sausage, feta-feta, santa fe, pescatore, alfredo, manzo funghi, tomato bianco, smoked salmoon, pesto, carbonara and marinara with add ons that varies from meatballs, chicken, sausage, prawns and scallops. Lastly for their dinner specialties, they have lasagna della casa, pollo alla fontina, pollo parmigiana, pollo cacciatore, bisteca al pepe and jambalaya.


The Italian Kitchen’s menu can be considered very simple and limited but it already offers the best tasting Italian food which are the most popular ones. They may have patterned their recipes from other recipes, but they made a few fusions and add ons in order to make their customers back for more. Prices vary depending on the what you ordered. One will definitely have a great experience in the Italian Kitchen.









Principles in Bathroom Remodeling

Most of homeowner when considering for bathroom remodeling they will often think of the color to paint their bathrooms and look for towels that match. However, bathroom renovations meant to enhance it go far much beyond the color of that room, since there exist a number of possibilities that could be done. Even for a small space, it can be transformed completely to be luxurious and beautiful. There are numerous creative design elements for Bathroom remodeling martinsburg to make your bathroom truly unique.

Deciding on the type of atmosphere you would wish your bathroom to take is often the beginning step. You may be thinking of a simple modification that will have your bathroom, matching the rest of the house décor, or you wish to have a bathroom, which stands out from the rest of the house but looking modern and trendy. There are a variety of color palettes that you could choose from, and additionally apart from choosing the new paints or wallpapers it is important that you consider any type and color of flooring and countertops.  When one adds new countertops it dramatically transforms and updates the room. When choosing on new flooring one should consider putting slip resistant flooring in addition to the color and type one wants. These types of flooring are always great ideas since they add some safety elements on the floor.

 Another important element of bathroom remodeling is lighting. One easily change the bathroom’s atmosphere by enhancing the lighting and providing with more functionality. One can add lights in places that put on your make ups or shave for Men. These lights can also come with dimmers to adjust lights on different occasions such as when cleaning one may want a bright light.

During bathroom remodeling, plumbing fixtures are often forgotten, but it is important to update them, since when you have quality plumbing fixtures one will cut on plumbing problems as well as enhancing the room’s appearance. One may consider factors to do with safety and beauty as you think of putting threshold shower or walk-in-tubs. The bathing area can be installed with grab bars as well as toilets that are raised or lowered whichever one prefers.

Bathrooms should have enough storage space. Cabinets that you choose help add style and functionality to the room. This will provide ample of space for one to store their things in the bathrooms. If you think a new cabinet is not needed, then consider updating the old one to reflect the new look of your bathroom. Even the smallest and simplest of details should be considered because they will contribute to the bathroom’s overall appearance.

When designing how to remodel your bathroom, one should be very creative, since your design and style coupled with the best materials is the automatic formula to a breathtaking and spectacular remodeled bathroom.


Appraising Birthstones

Appraising Birthstones

Anything precious is worth appraising. This not an exception with birthstones as every birthstone is accorded a corresponding monetary value. Whether a birthstones comes in the form of a gemstone, rock or mineral, there is a favorite one for every individual who has ascribed himself on herself to these birthstones. Well, even without having to dig much into the values of birthstones, it should be understood that birthstones are traditionally valuable. Historically. Birthstones have stood the test of time and have continued to be representative of many things today.

Birthstones as valuable monetary assets

Well, even without much investigation, birthstones are great stones, minerals or gemstones. Depending on the type of a birthstone, each is accorded some monetary worth in the world precious stones market. Take a point in case like Rubies, diamonds and Tanzanite birthstones, these are great commodities who value and worth are well known today. Diamond as birthstone is the world hardest known metal and mineral. Diamond has been used to make jewelries and among other uses as a prize in sports. Diamond in this regard is highly value and prized even without having to deeply evaluate its worth.

Cultural value of birthstones

Birthstones are highly regarded culturally. Depending on the country where it is found, they are in some instances used to denote some rich cultures. In ancient Greece for example,some birthstones like Topaz were highly regarded as cultural riches and representative of cultural values.

Well, to this end, it is conceivably true that birthstones are not just stones as the names suggest but also very valuable assets in both traditional and modern times. Birthstones have continued to also play significance in the world of jewelry and it remains to be seen if this worth is bound to continue. This something that only time will tell.

Birthstones can be worth a lot, but for the most part birthstones are considered semi precious stones.  There are a couple of the birthstones that have a large value such as the diamond.   The diamond is a very rare and resilient stone.  It is a symbol of love and rarity and is also one of the hardest of all birthstones on the mohs scale.


The miracle of pregnancy is one of the best things that can happen to any woman. It clearly defines their role as, not just care givers to the society, but also the bearers of life.Pregnancy has its own fair share of highs and lows.With the ever changing hormone levels in the body as well as the increasing weight,it is bound to take its toll on the expectant mother. This combination of changes can lead to abnormal posture and increases in stress and fatigue which add up to the risks for neck pain.the neck pain is also brought about by the rapid growth of the baby. The increased weight presses on the mother’s back ultimately affecting all the back muscles from the neck downwards. Due to the increased relaxin hormone levels in the body the shoulder and neck ligaments are highly loosened resulting in taxed back muscles. This greatly affects the mother’s posture. The shoulder and neck pain, characterized by a pulling sensation or the feeling of a deep pinch along the bra strap or the neck, cause great discomfort.

There are a number of known remedies to ease the discomfort associated with neck pain. These include;

Use of a neck pain pillows or a pregnancy body pillow:the use of pillows goes a long way in improving the expectant mother’s sleeping position.however the pillows should be well placed for correct alignment to result in optimal comfort. a neck pillow is used to prop the head up, easing the pressure on the back muscles while aiding in breathing. The pregnancy body pillow has the neck pillow with the combination of a full body pillow that keeps the knees, hips and feet at the same height easing the pressure. The pillow has a wedge like shape at the stomach position to offer support to the growing belly while keeping it at a neutral position. It also adjusts to the contoured body shape well enough for perfect alignment to ensure comfort.

Use of an ice pack or a warm compress to soothe the neck pain.They achieve this by reducing any swelling and relaxing the strained neck muscles.

Doing neck exercises that help loosen the neck ligaments and muscles.they should however not be painful. One may stretch the neck by using a �nod’ motion.that is putting the chin to the chest level as far as they can then looking up as far as they can.a visit to the chiropractor also goes a long way in easing the pain since they specialize in neck and back pain with most being experts in prenatal pain. They may have some techniques to help ease the pain while advising on additional home exercises as well.

Weekly pregnancy massages are also quite helpful. since they focus on the areas of the body that are under the greatest amount of stress, most expectant women find they can almost completely eliminate the risk for neck pain with a massage that includes both cold packs as well as heat packs.

Homeopathic Medicines – Are They Safe or Effective?

Homeopathic Medicines – Are They Safe?

Homeopathic Medicines are natural medicines that are both safe and effective. They also have no known side effects. The reason for this is that they are based upon the properties of the “law of attration” in that they resonate to the same frequency as the symptoms of the illness you are experiencing. The Homeopathic Medicine then attracts to itself the cause of the symptoms and flushes them out of your body. It’s basically a vibrational medicine that has been used in some form for thousands of years. All the way back in the days of Hippocrates, from which we get our modern medicine and the Hippocratic Oath, which all doctors must take. It states “First, Do No Harm.”


Hippocrates as well as many modern homeopathic doctors and practitoners know, that we are to first heal without adding additional harm. Unfortunately, that is what the modern medical system does. It’s all about harm; surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. Also prescription medications which always have side effects, sometimes deadly ones at that. Talk about “do no harm” that seems like it’s all they do. Homeopathy is different in that it causes ease in your body first, by bringing it back into its natural balance. We all know that stress is the root cause of almost all illnesses in our time. Homeopathy Remedies work on the emotional level primarily, which is what causes stress, and stops the stress signal that causes chronic inflammation, aging and the root cause of most diseases.


Homeopathic Medicine is a refreshing way to cure the cause of your illness, balance your emotions, stop chronic stress and inflammation, and feel better naturally! It is made to take away your discomfort by attracting the stressors out of your body with the “magnetically charged” homeopathic remedy, which is geared to your individual symptoms of illness. If you can identify your symptoms (what your feeling that is not right) you can find a very safe and effective homeopathic medicine that will allow you to feel the way you’d like to feel, at ease and free of pain and annoying symptoms.


If you’re at your wits end, and just want to feel better now, I highly suggest you give homeopathic medicines a go. It won’t cause you any side effects, and will leave you feeling so much better than before. To find the right homeopathy remedy for your personal symptoms or disease, visit Homeopathic Medicines.


Finding the Best Garcinia Cambogia Extract, is it Difficult?

It’s often a never ending circle. There are several very good weight loss products around on the market, but as soon as something new gets in the stores or pharmacies, it gets all the attention. Unfortunately, some people like to use this in the wrong way and start copycatting them. The same happened with garcinia cambogia extract. Here are a couple of things that you should know about this product if you want to find the best one and not some fake.

First of all, what is it? Pure garcinia cambogia dr oz has actually been on the market for some time, but it is only after world-renowned wellness expert, dr Oz started talking about it and how beneficial it can be to anyone who is trying to shed some pounds that people really started paying attention to it. Now, not only that it is one of the most sought after diet supplements around, but it also earned the nickname “holy grail of dieting”. Why? Well, the best way to find that out is to try the product yourself.

Now, the best garcinia is only made from the natural rind of a tamarind fruit. This fruit grows in some parts of India and is full of anti-oxidants. And, if you know anything about biology, you should also know that anti-oxidants work great when it comes to burning fat.

How does this product work in fact? If you’ve read a couple of user-submitted reviews of the best garcinia cambogia diet supplements, you will notice a pattern emerging. Namely, most people say that it has worked for them within just 24 hours, meaning, of course, that they managed to start feeling their appetite being suppressed that quickly. So, this isn’t a product that you will need to take for days or weeks, before “your body gets used to it” or some other similar nonsense. It works right away. The supplement first starts to lower your appetite. Then, it begins to burn the fat stored in your body and turn it into much needed energy.

Is it safe for you to use it? For most people it is, although pregnant and breastfeeding women should first consult their doctor about it. The product itself contains only natural ingredients and so doesn’t have any side effects.


The Benefits of Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia Cambogia diet, it doesn’t seem people knew much about the name until recent times. Though the Garcinia Cambogia fruit has being around for some time now, it had not become a global name as it recently did when health experts, researchers, and not to be left out our own celebrity Dr. Oz, who gave fuel to the bush fire to spread to all corners of the world. But there are people who have skeptical views to douse off the fire. So, what do the poor people do who are left hanging with their fat and don’t know which side to take.

To begin with Garcinia Cambogia extract pure is a natural extract from the fruit grown in parts of Asia, Africa, and Southern India. There is no harm in trying out, if it actually is what it says on the tin. You will not be becoming lab rats by doing so, for it has already being done and dusted, and that part is over. Researchers have claimed it to be as safe as a holy grail, and a wonder which beheld its secrets for centuries and remained hidden in faraway places. So, you can checkout its potential, and if you feel discomfort as the critics yell, you can discard the use. And, if it really works out well for you, then consider this Pure garcinia to be your friend indeed.

The supplement is said to suppress appetite, hence people can stick to their healthy eating habits, and not run to the fast food joint during the day, or to open their refrigerators in the middle of the night. Furthermore your body does need energy to function, hence it aides in breaking down the fat cells of the body as well.

 As for people asking for scientific proofs to back the claims of people who are showering their blessing to the supplement, it is claimed that HCA present in the extract has been thoroughly examined in the lab settings, and has been proved to be effective to reduce appetite, and it further stops absorption of fat from the carbohydrates in your food.

National Testing of Solar Screens

About 12 years ago I was working at a commercial energy testing lab. We were headquartered out of Austin, Texas. Since energy efficiency is a growing market we set up one of our lab spaces to test the efficiency of different products. One of our partners is the Oak Ridge National Lab in Tennessee, who also tests efficiency of home and business products of all kinds. We were initially hired to test Solar Screens Austin, TX for the cooling effect on the home. We began initial testing in our lab under controlled settings. We found that the energy saving effect on air-conditioning was linear with the intensity of sunlight/heat. Another way to put is it, the hotter and brighter the sun the more electricity that was saved. 


As a good sized lab we were able to suggest that the Oak Ridge lab test them in their state of the art facilities as well. While we are an accredited lab, the one in Oak Ridge one is owned by the federal government and is by far the best in the business. We sent out the solar screen prototypes to them. Several of their initial testing methods were not published but, the screens were in a lab for two months. After that they had passed all the initial test stages so they were moved toward stage two testing. This involved additional screens being build and installed on their test model homes. Oak ridge has purchased and fully automated many homes in a nearby neighborhood. The homes are programmed to automatically cut lights on and off, as well as run appliances. This mimics a family living there but, keeps the daily activities consistent for testing purposes.


For the stage two tests they used two identical homes programmed to use the exact same amount of electricity for all items. The only difference was that one had a full set of the standard black solar screens installed. The other had typical bug screens that are found on most residential homes. The test was allowed to run for one month during the Tennessee summer. At the end it was found that the house with the solar screens had reduced their electrical usage by 31.4%. This savings in dollars was not given but, you can find that out by calculating your own homes electric bill. It became quite obvious that heat shade screens create much cooler rooms. The only issue at the time is the screens were expensive. However, technology has improved and the screens retail price has been cut to just a fraction of its original price. It is expected that this price drop will lead to more homes installing the screens. The price may drop enough so that the screens become a standard install on all new homes.

Is Fiverr a Good Online Marketplace?

If you have an online business, you need to hire workers for doing various tasks like article writing, web designing, logo designing, and various other technical tasks that you can’t manage by yourself. In that regard, there are many popular online marketplaces where you can post your requirements and freelancers will bid on your project and you can select the freelancer with the lowest bid. But that process can become pretty difficult and time confusing as you have to go through each bid and see whether the freelancer fits your requirement or not. To make your task easier, there is an online marketplace called Fiverr. The best thing about Fiverr is that all offers are priced the same that is $5. So you no longer have to evaluate each bid based on price as everyone will quote the same price. You can just see the reviews for the worker and select the one with the best reviews.

Fiverr is great for jobs like content writing, logo designing, Facebook likes and shares, Twitter tweets and similar other things. You can just buy the job from the selected worker and send your instructions. Most workers will deliver the job within hours so the delivery is extremely quick. If you aren’t satisfied with the work, you can order rework. The worker won’t be paid until and unless you are completely satisfied with the work. This feature ensures that the worker provides great work and your satisfaction is almost guaranteed. Learn more about Fiverr by going to our website.

So finally, Fiverr is a great online marketplace for both buyers and sellers. It’s mostly suitable for quick tasks like logo designing and Facebook likes. There are some great content writers at Fiverr but not all are great so make sure you check individual seller reviews before hiring from anyone. Always check whether the fellow buyers have rated the worker well or not. Reviews make your job easier as you can select the worker with the highest positive reviews. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t select fresh workers. If the profile looks great, you can definitely check the services of a fresh worker. There are always great workers at Fiverr ready to provide services at cheap prices.

Are you further interested in knowing about Fiverr and want to outsource tasks through it? If you are, you can go to our website at and get all the information.




Most of the people  think of taking care of the pest problem as their own  and doing it all by your lonesome is not  the easiest job in the world. There are some dedicated people who see pest control as another task to mark off the list one weekend, but the truth is that  here at TruForce we know that to  get permanently rid of pests is a long-term process. 

For  offers  the  following services  per premium service; 

Six ICAP home barrier – This is a protective barrier that  is placed all around the base of the home. TruForce has technicians  that  are trained to use 2-3X more product than the leading competitors to ensure the pests are far away from one’s home. 

Entry point protection – They offer  protection  for the  high traffic areas  which are treated  every service because bugs and pests enter the home the same way that   your family would  enter.This will ensure critters are going to have a difficult time getting in for about three months.  

Six line fence barrier – TruForce ensures that  it is thoroughly applying a six  foot barrier to the perimeter fence to eliminate nesting sites.This will also  greatly reduce any activity that may come from your neighbor’s home. 

ICAP wall  injections – The solution when placed on the wall,it will  ensure that the pests  do not go through for at least  three months. 

Block Wall dust injections – many  insects such as the black widow spiders  breed in the retaining  walls  and cinder block  columns. This  space provides protection for the pests  and their families. Injecting  solution through  this space will ensure  that  pests do not  survive. 

Web and nest  knock down – while  TruForce  specializes  with the  elimination of pests,they  also clean  what  the pests  leave behind.They ensure that  they   leave your property  better than you found it. 

Fifteen inch extended  granule barrier – this is  applied around  home on the lawns, bushes  and other points to ensure that  they are  water  resistant  and the  pests  do not  penetrate through the  lawn and around your homestead. 

Activity tracking and baiting – they offer  a lot of  time and energy  doing research.Through this information,technicians have  the ability  to advise on the best method of  offering treatment  for the pests. For help and advice on controlling pests in Denver, call TruForce Pest